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April 3, 1985

Underworld figure Paul Leisure and four of his associates were found guilty Tuesday of participating in a three-year gangland feud that left three dead and three injured. The jury had deliberated 12 days before reaching the verdicts Tuesday afternoon.

The five were prosecuted under federal racketeering statutes because the violence was said to have started over a struggle for control of area Laborers union locals, and then escalated to retaliatory attacks between the Leisure and Michaels families.

Paul Leisure, 40, was found guilty of two counts of federal racketeering, and of obstruction of justice in ordering the murder of gang member Michael Kornhardt. He also was convicted of making a bomb used to kill rival gang leader Jimmy Michaels Sr.

Paul`s brother, Anthony Leisure, 38, was found guilty of the federal racketeering charges. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on two other counts charging him with aiding in the Kornhardt and Michaels murders.

The Leisures` cousin, David Leisure, 35, was found guilty of the racketeering charges and of obstructing justice in Kornhardt`s murder. He also was convicted of possessing the bomb used to kill Michaels.

Charles M. Loewe, 36, was found guilty of racketeering. He was found innocent of aiding in the Kornhardt murder.

Steven T. Wougamon, 27, was found guilty of the racketeering charges and obstruction of justice in intimidating a government witness.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on any of the three counts against a sixth gang member, Robert M. Carbaugh, 34.

The men face maximum prison terms ranging from 45 to 65 years. All except Carbaugh also face state murder charges, which could result in the death penalty.

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