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Board's Decision Signals 'Crack-Down By Province'

July 15, 1983

Far-reaching effects will result from Tuesday's decision of the Ontario Labor Relations Board in the case of Sarnia Local 1089 International Laborers' Union, says Joe Portiss' lawyer Brian Iler of Toronto.

Mr. Iler who was paid by Legal Aid to take on the Portiss case, said it shows a crack-down by the provincial body against discriminatory hiring practices.

"This is a signal to all of Ontario that sloppy hiring practices will not be tolerated," a jubilant Mr. Iler said this morning from Toronto. He said the Portiss decision is a precedent-setting one in light of the wide-reaching remedial orders the board has called for.

"Normally, the (labor relations) board looks at one specific complaint and makes recommendations. But here, they've gone far beyond that," said Mr. Iler.

He said it is unusual that the board would consider calling for Mr. D'Andrea's dismissal and said the hiring of an outside auditor is another indication of the seriousness of the case.

Mr. Iler said there is a clause within the union's constitution dealing with the internal removal of an officer of the union and said it is possible the membership may attempt to "go that route". Mr. Iler added he is considering calling for Mr. D'Andrea's dismissal at the upcoming labor board hearing into complaints of Donato Marinaro.

Mr. Portiss said this morning he is "very happy" with the board's decision. He said the board order dealing with disabled workers will be a great help to fellow laborers like himself who can work but can't handle heavy jobs.

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