OCTOBER 22, 1982


I, ROBERT E. POWELL, First Vice President of the Laborers International Union of North Amerlca, being duly sworn, depose and say that:

1. On Thursday July 9, 1981 the General Executive Board of the Laborers Union met for dinner in the private dinning room downstairs in the basement of the Hay Adams Hotel located at 16th and H. St., N. W. in Washlngton , D. C. In addition to the Executlve Board members and thelr wives there was also present Peter J. Fosco son of the General President Angelo Fosco and James Norwood who works for the Union. Some regional managers were also there for dinner

2. I left this room at about 6:30 PM to meet Carl Stokes, Ex mayor of Cleveland , Ohio and returned at about 9:30 PM with Stokes. I introcluced Mr. Stokes to Angelo Fosco and other executive board members who were present.

3. At approximately 10 PM Angelo Fosco said he wanted talk to me and we sat down at a table somewhat removed from the other people in the room. Mr Angelo Fosco appeared to be partially drunk. Mr. Fosco told me that he was aware that Leo Nazdin and, were plotting together regarding the forthcoming International Union Convention and then Fosco said to me " YOU'RE DEAD". Fosco then. shook his fist in front of my face and said "POWELL, YOU'RE DEAD".

4. I asked Mr. Angelo Fosco "what do you mean by that" and he started to try to retract the statement but by this time Peter J. Fosco and James Norwood picked him up from the chair and dragged.him out of the room.


5 . On Monday, October 18, 1982 at my residence, 800 4th St. S.W. Washington, D. C. and at the place where I park my car I found at the time that I came out in the morning to enter my automobile, a dead rat, which, I believe was placed there by someone as a threat

6. On Friday October 22, 1982 in the morning and at the same place as indicated in 5 above, I found 2 dead pigeons on the hood of my car which I again believe were placed 'here as a threat.

7. Within the last 7 months, two of my friends in two different local unions affiliated with the Laborers International Union of North America have been killed. The first was Benny Medina of Local 332 in Philadelphia and the second was Robert ( Bobby ) Love. of Local 194 in Baltimore Maryland These men were both close to me and I view what happened to them as, in part, a message to me and others.

The above is a true and complete statement and I so swear.

"signature" Robert E. Powell

State of Maryland, County of Howard

On this the 22nd day of October, 1982 personally appeared Robert E. Powell and made oath that the information is true.


Victoria B. Manna

Notary Public

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