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I take strong exception to the Tribune-Review's Oct. 12 editorial “Investigating Specter.” As to the question of my willingness to conduct an investigation without favoring the Clinton administration, it should be remembered that I publicly called for a criminal prosecution of the president after his term ended and pressed to have him as a witness on the Senate floor during the impeachment proceedings.


On the issue of campaign contributions from the Teamsters and Laborers unions, it should be noted that the total of $20,000 from those unions amounted to 0.26 percent of the total of $7.8 million contributed to my 1998 campaign for re-election.


Your readers may recall that I prosecuted the first case to result in convictions of Teamsters officials arising from the McClellan Senate Investigation Committee. All six went to jail for conspiring to cheat and defraud Local 107 of the Philadelphia Teamsters Union.


I ask your readers to withhold judgment until our Senate Oversight Task Force, which I chair, shows you the results of work on oversight of the Department of Justice on alleged Chinese espionage, Waco, and campaign finance plea bargains.


I am optimistic that this new investigation will be as successful as the Senate Oversight hearings which I chaired on Ruby Ridge, the Gulf War Syndrome and the sale of Iranian arms to Bosnia.


Arlen Specter


Washington, D.C.

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