Statement By Richard Leebove Regarding International Brotherhood of Teamsters Election Officer's Decision To Bar His Involvement in Upcoming IBT Rerun Election

SOURCE Richard Leebove

DETROIT, April 27, 1998 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was released today by Richard Leebove following a ruling by International Brotherhood of Teamsters Election Officer Michael Cherkasky to bar his involvement in the upcoming rerun of the election of IBT Officers:

"I am firmly convinced that the election officer's (EO) decision to bar me from the rerun election is retaliation for my role in uncovering the EO's misuse of $20 million in taxpayer money in failing to detect Ron Carey's frauds. Numerous of Mr. Cherkasky's assistants were involved in the cover-up of Carey corruption. They undoubtedly pressed for revenge against the source of their embarrassment. They are also, undoubtedly, eager to derail congressional investigations bearing down on discovery of their misconduct.

"I also find it no coincidence that Mr. Cherkasky has disqualified me at the same time that his own campaign for Westchester County (New York) District Attorney is the subject of an investigation that could lead to criminal charges. EO spokesmen made it clear that they blame me for exposing Mr. Cherkasky's election problems, which involve possible illegal laundering of $45,000 in last-minute contributions.

"I am reviewing the possibility of an appeal of the EO's decision to disqualify me, based on the subjective and loose criteria offered to justify that decision. Mr. Cherkasky's major premise for attacking me is that I did not 'charge enough' for my services to the Hoffa campaign. Apparently, the EO believes all vendors should engage in reckless and unproductive fleecing of clients for millions of dollars, in the manner of the EO during the previous campaign.

"The specific methodology underlying the EO's 'findings' against me is something of a joke. The EO studied my cell phone bills, and simply attributes the majority of calls to union officers and follow union vendors as 'campaign related,' ignoring undisputed testimony from numerous credible witnesses. There is no competent or direct testimony from any source indicating that I underbilled. Mr. Cherkasky makes false statements about press coverage that he claims is 'proof' of my role as principal campaign spokesmen.

"However, my chief wish is to avoid anything that will detract from Jim Hoffa getting his message out to the Teamster membership. I am confident that Jim will win this election, and go on to lead the Teamsters back to strength and dignity. That is the real news of the EO decision."

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