National Legal and Policy Center Says: Carey Indicted, Finally!



Now, What About Trumka?



WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Today National Legal and Policy Center President Peter Flaherty issued this statement regarding the federal indictment of ex-International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Ron Carey on charges of perjury and making false statements in connection with the investigation of a money laundering scandal that funded his failed 1996 reelection campaign:


"Finally! Ron Carey was indicted.  It was very, very late but better than never.  However, the timing is suspect.  If Al Gore had won the election, would Carey still have been indicted?  One would hope so.  But U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White's record in this case does build confidence.  After a quick round of guilty pleas in 1997, the probe has dragged terribly.  This delay has not in the interest of justice.  It has allowed individuals who might have been under an indictment cloud to participate in the political process when the taint of corruption should have relegated them to the sidelines.


I refer to AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka and AFSCME's Gerald McEntee and Paul Booth -- all of whom have been implicated in the Carey scandal and campaigned tirelessly for Gore and other Democrats in 1998 and 2000.


"The AFL-CIO's second-in-command, Trumka, should be next on White's (or her replacement's) list.  Despite Trumka twice invoking the Fifth Amendment to avoid federal investigators' questions, the case against him is strong. According to court records, Trumka helped launder $150,000 from the Teamsters' treasury through the AFL-CIO for the benefit of the Carey campaign. Additionally, Trumka allegedly solicited and/or contributed $50,000 to the Carey campaign in violation of federal labor law.


"The prosecution of ex-Teamsters official William Hamilton was extremely damning for Trumka.  For example, it revealed that one of the key meetings that helped facilitate the $150,000 transaction allegedly took place in Trumka's AFL-CIO office with him present.  Yet, White and the Department of


Justice have failed to indict Trumka.


"With the end of the Clinton-Gore Administration and the protection it appears to have provided, Trumka's time is now."


Through its Organized Labor Accountability Project, NLPC has taken the lead in exposing abuses and corruption in organized labor.



NLPC publishes Union Corruption Update every two weeks.




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