Transcript : July 30, 1997 Assault on Stephen Manos

Those heard on tape:

Stephen Manos, Vice-President----SM

Charles LeConche, Business Manager----CL

Ted Grabowski President----TG

Wayne Silva, Executive Board----WS

Restaurant Owner [Joseph or John Fuschi]---JF

Frank Freeman, Sergeant-at-Arms [Drinking in bar]----FF

William LeConche, Brother of Charles LeConche [Drinking in Bar]----WL

Those also present:

Leonard Granell Jr., Recording-Secretary

John Pezzenti, Secretary-Treasurer

James Lawson, Executive Board

Don Douville, Auditor

Lloyd Lecly, Auditor

William Del Gaizo, Auditor

Thomas Brockett, Attorney [Cheverie & Associates]

Vere Haynes, Vice President, Laborers International Union of North America

SM: Now. This ad. It cost eleven thousand ?

CL: What ad ?

SM: For the Times [New York Times]

CL: Yeah

SM: Do you know if there were any other set-up costs involved ? What was the total

amount ?

CL: That's it.

SM: Eleven grand. O.K. Now.....

CL: That's none of your business

SM: Why isn 't it any of my business ?

CL: That's a District Council matter.

SM: It's still my money. My dues are paying for that.

CL: That's a District Council matter, approved by the delegates elected by the........

SM: What was the vote, by the way ? Was it unanimous ?

CL: One "No ".

SM: Yeah. Who?

CL: Ron Nobili

SM: Oh, the guy you ostracized.

CL: Ostracized!

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Transcript : July 30, 1997 Assault on Stephen Manos

TG: I don't think......I don't think that this is the platform for District Council matters.

SM: It's a platform for my dues.

CL: You don 't belong.....

SM: My dues that I pay.

CL: Why 'd you call Ted Grabowski & try to solicit a vote against John Silva, Asshole !

SM: Because I'm a member & I have a right...I have a right to lobby.

CL: You don 't leave a right...

SM: I got a right to lobby

CL: You haven't got the right to Fuckin' do anything with the Council.

SM: O.K. Fine.

CL: And stay the Fuck out of my business !

SM: That comes..........Hey !

CL: Stay the Fuck out of my business!

SM: That comes..........That 'll come later.

CL: Steve, you 're about that Fuckin ' close for me ripping your Fuckin ' throat out personally !

CL: Fuck the..........!

SM: Don 't threaten me !

[LeConche (standing) violently throws a napkin, striking Manos (seated) in the chest.]

Wayne Silva [to LeConche] : Hey! Hey! Watch it!

CL to SM: Fuck you !

SM: Don 't threaten me !

CL: Fuck you!! It ain 't a threat. It's a Fuckin ' promise!

SM: What did you say ?

[The enraged LeConche rushes towards Manos but is restrained by two Union offcials.]

CL: You heard me! Cocksucker ! Cocksucker ! You Fuckin ' heard me!

[Manos is attacked from his blind-side by Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Freeman & thrown violently backward over a wrought iron dining chair onto the ceramic-tile concrete floor.]

SM: Hey! Hey!

[Furniture is overturned as Freeman strikes Manos & the injured Manos gasps/moans.]

FF: Come on! Come on!

SM: Help me up Frankie.. .....

FF: Out! Come on!

SM: Wait!........... Let me get my stuff! Let me get my stuff! I want to get......! All right.

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Transcript : July 30, 1997 Assault on Stephen Manos

[Freeman grabs & pulls Manos & prevents him from retrieving his personal belongings]

FF: Somebody else will get your shit!

JF (restaurant owner), [unlocks side door]: No, no wait! Let me open...! open for you. I open for you. Just lock the door. All right?

[Freeman throws Manos into street through side entrance doorway & closes the door.]

FF: Get the Fuck out!

SM [standing in street & speaking through the closed glass door]: Can I get my stuff ?

[William LeConche & Charles LeConche run out of main door of restaurant & pursue Manos in the street as Freeman follows & intervenes.]

WL: What are you doing ? You going after my brother ? You going after my brother?

WL: You piece of shit!

SM: Get him off me Frank.

WL: You piece of shit!

CL: Get the Fuck cocksucker!!

FF: All right Charlie!

CL: You better get out of here.....!

FF: All right!

SM: Get me to my car! Get me to my car!

WL: My brother....

CL: Your car... You Fuckin ' piece of shit!

WL: You say something to my brother you asshole!

FF: Where's your car ?

SM: Right there. Right there!

WL: Don 't you ever talk to my brother ! You hear me?

Unknown: Hey Jimmy! Where 's your car ?

FF: Get in your car.

SM: O.K. Frank. Thanks Frank.

CL: Do yourself a favor. Don 't show up for a while! We own you now you Fucker!

WL: You talk to my brother again you got problems!

[Manos flees in his car, immediately makes a complaint in person to a police offcer, & returns to his home to be personaly greeted by LIUNA IG Investigator Sheryl McLaughlin, & then goes to Manchester Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for treatment.|

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Affidavit of Stephen Manos

Transcript: July 30, 1998

1, Stephen Manos have made a written transcript of a portion of an audio-tape which depicts an assault upon my person which occurred on July 30, 1997.

I have transcribed that tape to the best of my ability.

The transcript is accurate.

Stephen Manos

State of Connecticut
County of Hartford

Subscribed & sworn to me this day of March 23, 1998



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