June 24, 2008


Mr. Terence M. O’Sullivan, LIUNA General President

905 16th Street NW

Washington D.C. 20006


Dear Sir and Brother,


Since my last letter to you we just received another dues increase from Local 166 Business Manager, Samuel Robinson. I am faxing you the wage scales to review.


The dues check off went up 50 cents an hour for a total $1.50 and organizing .25 so the members pay $60.00 a week now for dues check off and $10.00 for organizing. So $70.00 x 4 = 280.00 plus 37.00 is $317.00 we should feel blessed.


The Oakland Plaster Agreement dues check off went to $2.00 an hour $80.00 a week for dues and $44.00 for organizing $124.00 a week $496.00 a month plus $37.00, $533.00 a month union dues a $216.00 a month difference in dues within an 8 mile radious.


We believe Business Manager Samuel Robinson is in violation of the LMRDA Act.


Title 1 – Bill of Rights of Members of Labor Organizations (29 U.S.C. 411)


(3) Dues, Initiation Fees and Assessments- Except in case of a federation of national or international labor organizations, the rates of dues and initiation fees payable by members of any labor organization in effect on the date of enactment of this Act shall not be increased, and no general or special assessment shall be levied upon such members, except-

(A) In the case of a local organization,(i) by majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing voting at a general or special membership meeting, after reasonable notice of the intention to vote upon such question.


One can only assume from the constant dues increases that Hod Carriers Local 166 has financial problems that may require your immediate attention under Section 302 of the LMRDA. Act.


Correcting Corruption or Financial Malpractice, Assuring the Performance of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Restoring Democratic Procedures, Otherwise Carrying Out the Legitimate Objects of the Union.


I personally have no complaint about $10.00 a week for organizing, that’s fine, members can live with it. But each and every member who pays that money deserves accountability from the officers The Laborers International Union and The Northern California District Council of Laborers Organizing Department if they are the ones getting the money.


For the record I spoke against decertification at the picnic, over the last couple of months I have been accused by Carlos Lujan and I assume his legal team and now Mr. Robinson uses the same quote.


“…to refrain from attempting to cause succession by the Local union from the International Union; to refrain from assisting an organization threatening to, or undermining the representational rights of the International Union or any of its affiliates; and to refrain from advocating or seeking the division of funds of the Local Union”


We both know who is seeking the division of union funds and it’s not Alex Corns.


For the record I have never worked non union or crossed a picket line or dispatched a member to a non union job. I have never gone against another union craft for personal gain or tried to steal any other crafts work at a lesser rate of pay.


In late October 2006, the California Apprenticeship Commission (CAC) voted 8- 7 to approve state funding and certification for a Carpenters Union apprenticeship program to train Plasters.The only union member on the CAC that voted in favor of the Carpenters program was Cedric Porter, Business Representative for the Northern California District Council of Laborers. Anne Quick, director of apprenticeship for the anti union Golden Gate Chapter of The Associated Builders and Contractors voted with Cedric Porter.


Well, Mr. General President Terence M. O’Sullivan, those Carpenters are currently training Plasters and Hod Carriers in Hayward California. You and I both know the Carpenters have approached the Plastering Contractors Association and at some point will take work in Northern California in the Plastering Industry. 



Fraternally yours



Alex Corns: 

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