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Richard Beckenbach. President

Charles LeConche Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

January 6. 1999

Armand E. Sabitoni, Vice President and Regional Manager
Laborers' International Union of North America
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Street Providence, RI 02903

Re: Connecticut Laborers' District Council Dues Distribution Meeting

Connecticut Laborers' Fund Office, West Haven, Connecticut

Dear Sir and Brother:

This is to advise you of an incident that occurred during a meeting held regarding the above-captioned matter. As you are aware, negotiations with the Associated General Contractors and the Connecticut Construction Industries Association will soon commence I thought it would be appropriate at the conclusion of today's meeting that I set a date to discuss proposals with the Business Managers of our affiliated local unions, In a diplomatic and professional manner, I again solicited proposals and input from all in attendance. After a considerable discussion by others, Local Union 665 Business Manager, Ronald Nobili, began to discuss his proposal relative to the carryover provision in the first year of the contract and how he felt it should apply. After he concluded, I indicated that all proposals will be reviewed and, as always, the majority would determine which proposals would be presented to the associations. Brother Nobili then became loud, belligerent, and initiated an unprovoked display of anger which included vulgar remarks directed at me personally, as well as physically pounding on the table. It was apparent to me that Brother Nobili was attempting to provoke a physical confrontation similar to the incident with Business Manager Shaun Cashman in Pomfret, Connecticut.

Brother Nobili's outburst destroyed what had been a very productive meeting that, in my view, would have set the tone for negotiations. Given the importance of the upcoming contract negotiations, I cannot and will not tolerate this type of behavior from a Business Manager on our committee. If Mr.Nobili's disruptive and abusive conduct continues, I will be seeking your support to remove him from the negotiating committee and replace him with an officer from his local union.

With kind regards, I remain

Fraternally yours,

s/Charles T. LeConche
Charles T. LeConche
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer


cc Michael Bearse, General Counsel
Robert Cheverie, Esq.
All affiliated construction locals

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