Labor Voice, Spring 1998

Manos Sued!!!
LeConche Desperate

Part-time Business Manager Charles LeConche, with the help

of his Union paid lawyer Robert Cheverie, has sued Vice-

President Steve Manos in federal court.

In a move right out of ""Alice in Wonderland",

LeConche is suing because Manos turned over

a tape-recording of a crime to the FBI.

The tape-recording shows a swearing LeConche physically

threatening & assaulting Manos.

The tape-recording also shows Manos being physically

attacked & thrown out the door of Capricco Restaurant.

The tape also shows evidence of the deep coverup of the

crime by LeConche & his associates

New Motion Filed

Business Manager Charles LeConche faces possible new

charges in Bridgeport Federal Court.

A Laborer, who is acting as his own lawyer, claims in a new

motion that LeConche is engaging in "witness tampering"

because of LeConche's phony lawsuit against

your Vice-President, Steve Manos.

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Phony Charges

The characters that run Local 230 are at it again.

Vice-President Steve Manos & condidate Gene Julian have

been brought up on phony charges due to the direct efforts of

Business Manager LeConche [$159,000/year & 3 pensions]

& lawyer Robert Cheverie [paid by your dues money]

Your hard-earned dues money is being misused in an attempt

to crush democracy in your union.

The LeConche/Cheverie gang has used two laborers to bring

these lies forward.

Lawyer Cheverie has directly interferred with our democratic

rights by coaching & instigating these two laborers.

Gene Julian is being "charged" by a

LeConche/Cheverie pawn.

The other laborer, bringing "charges"aganist Steve Manos,

is afraid to say no to the characters who run Local 230.

Do you find it strange that the only two announced candidates

for office are the ones being brought up on charges?

We don't !

The LeConche/Cheverie gang, including the

other cowards on the Executive Board have hurt the

hard-working members of this Local Union.

Election day for our Union is in June

If you care about this Local, please turn out & vote for

your democratic rights.

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Grabowski in Rollover
Prez Eats Cheese

Former reform candidate Ted Grabowski has, in a very short

time, succeeded in disgracing himself in the eyes of the Local

Grabowski, an enemy of our former Business Manager,

bragged about helping to throw Dominick out of office,

Grabowski is now a willing participant in the very things in

our Union that he complained about not too long ago.

Grabowski has betrayed friendships by cowardly bowing down

& becoming part of the LeConche/Cheverie gang.

Grabowski has suppressed your democratic rights at Union

meetings by manipulating the procedures of the meetings.

Grabowski watched your Vice-President, Steve Manos,

viciously attacked & thrown out the door during your

Executive Board meeting on July 30, 1997 & did nothing !!!

Grabowski then lied about the incident to the Inspector

General's office.

Teddy...You can't lie forever!!!

Will you perjure yourself in federal court ???

Word for the Day:

RICO : Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations

A federal law which prosecutes racketeering activities, especially in Union


Julian Trial

Charles in Charge

The Independent Hearing Officer For LIUNA held a hearing

on March 25, 1998 in East Hartford regarding phony charges

brought against laborer Gene Julian by Antonio Osman.

Julian represented himself while the disgraced Ted Grabowski

represented Osman.

Part-time Business Manager LeConche along with Field Rep

Granell spoke against Brother Julian while your

Vice-President, Steve Manos, testified for Brother Julian.

The room was loaded with all the other officers of Local 230

after they received a letter "suggesting" that they show up at

the hearing.

One witness for Julian was mysteriously absent.

This key witness for Julian was mentioned at length during the trial.

This no-show witness would have offered very compelling

testimony in favor of Gene Julian.

However the key witness turned up missing.

Don't you hate it when that happens ???

[Doug & Bob aren't going to like this when they are told.]

Things that make you go HMMM !!!

King Charles V has decreed that candidate for Business

Manager Steve Manos, after 33 years in the union, is no

longer qualified to be a Steward or Foreman.

[Manos was a Steward for the 1st time in 1968]

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Osman "Exposed"

Trial "Reveals" Facts

Former Steward & "new LeConche best friend" Antonio

Osman was "exposed" in more ways than one at the trial

conducted against reform candidate Gene Julian.

Contrary to the LeConche propaganda sheet, that masquerades

as a newsletter, Osman was a steward before his

"excellent adventure" at the UCONN library.

Osman's actions showed a disrespect toward his fellow

workers on an asbestos removal job.

After he took a shower, Osman would linger in the dressing

room "Butt Naked" & then casually gaze out the window

while women employees entered the dressing room.

Both LeConche and Granell were made aware of this outrageous

conduct by a Local 230 officer who was informed by a female

laborer from the Osman's job-site.

The female worker was later informed that Granell was aware

of Osman's behavior.

Osman also physically assaulted another female worker on the

same job-site.

Witnessing this assault were 2 other female employees,

+ the job super + Field Rep Butch Granell.

The female workers were moved to another job & Osman left

the company.

What are the new requirements for Labor Steward ???

Rude & abusive behavior & disrespect for women ???

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Racketeering Hearings

LeConche/Cheverie on the spot

A racketeering hearing was held on February, 1998 in

Bridgeport Federal Court before Judge Janet Hall.

In this case a laborer is acting as his own lawyer.

The laborer/lawyer is charging Business Manager Charles

LeConche & Union lawyer Robert Cheverie with:

racketeering inside of Local 230.

The specific charge is :

"perjury in the furtherance of a RICO conspiracy."

Contractors Testifies

Less than a day after he testified in behalf of wrongfully

accused laborer Gene Julian, a small Union contractor was

"contacted" by Local 230.

The small contractor testified on the afternoon of March 25th

in support of Brother Julian.

The next day, the small Union contractor received a letter

[paid for with your dues] from Local 230 that went back on

an agreement previously made between the 2 parties.

Quite a concidence.

Don't you think ???

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"Pezzenti Name,

Once a Good Name"

"The Pezzenti Name was once a good name."

These words were spoken by 75 year old John Pezzenti at the

February members meeting.

He's right, the Pezzenti name was a good name.

Johnny has been in our Union for more than 50 years.

He now makes $100,000/year & 3 Pensions !!!

This makes him the highest paid janitor in Connecticut.

Before the LeConche/Cheverie gang ruined this Local,

Johnny took care of business & helped the laborers.

All the trust & respect gathered in 50 years is gone.

Power freak LeConche has taken almost all of Johnny's power

away & Johnny doesn't seem to mind.

Johnny told Vice-President Manos over the phone that :

"Charlie treats me good, I don't have to do anything."

Not have anything to do?

Johnny, what happened ?

You stood by like a coward & let a thug beat Steve Manos up

& throw him out the door.

You lied & still lie about the crime.

Johnny, where's your conscience ?

Johnny, where's your integrity ?

Johnny, where's your manhood?

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Good Guys Win One !!!

LIUNA's "Top Cop" has thrown out false charges leveled

against your Vice-President by LeConche & others.

In a stunning turn of events, GEB Attorney Robert Luskin

ruled that the charge of "barred conduct" against Steve

Manos has no merit & will not be investigated.

The "barred conduct" that LeConche claimed was that Manos

gave a sworn affidavit in federal court.

This behavior by the desperate LeConche can only be

described as totally bizarre.

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