Labor Voice, Labor Day, 1998

LIUNA "Top Cop Attorney"

Served With Subpoena !!!

LIUNA General Executive Board Attorney Robert Luskin was served on

September ,1998 with a subpoena.

[See Subpoena]

This subpoena commands him to produce all information relating to the July 30, 1998

assault by Hartford Connecticut Laborers' Local 230 union officers on then Vice-

President Stephen Manos at an Executive Board meeting .

Manos had questioned LIUNA expenditures that he felt were questionable & as a result

was physically attacked.

The 13 individuals who witnessed the vicious assault on Manos were interviewed by

investigators from the office of LIUNA Inspector General W. Douglas Gow.

Although Manos had offered irrefutable evidence in the form of an audio tape of the

assault to Luskin's office, Luskin only issued a very mild reprimand to the Local 230

Business Manager [who was involved in the assault].

[See audio-tape] [See Letter]

On October 6, 1997, LIUNA Bridgeport, Ct. Business Manager Ronald Nobili was

physically assaulted at the LIUNA Laborers' Training Academy located at Pomfret


Nobili has also questioned questionable LIUNA expenditures.

Witnessing this assault on Nobili, were the other 9 Connecticut Business Managers,

Training Director John LeConche Jr., LIUNA International Representative Vincent

Masino, & New England Regional Manager Armand Sabitoni.

LIUNA Executive Board Attorney Luskin who stated before The U.S. House Judiciary

Committee on July 24, 1996: "...our mission is to ensure that LIUNA is free from

misconduct, corruption, & abuse... ",also issued a mild reprimand, through the

office of LIUNA Inspector General Gow, to the LIUNA officers involved in the physical

assault on Nobili.

[See Luskin Testimony] [See Letter]

Nobili has also filed a lawsuit & affidavit in Federal court against the Connecticut

Laborers' District Council, charging: willful economic deprivation & negligence, in
addition to other charges.

[See Affidavit & Copy of Lawsuit]

Manos's sworn testimony before the U.S. House subcommittee on Employer-

Employee Relations] places Luskin in the position of "facilitating the racketeering

activities directed at [Manos] " because of Luskin's lack of direct action.

[Show Manos Testimony]

The subpoena was issued in relation to a lawsuit filed by that same Local 230 Business

Manager Charles LeConche which "accuses " Manos [among other things] of

1. Writing an independent union newsletter

2. Turning over an audio-tape of the assault to the FBI

3. Testifying before Congress

In a related matter, former LIUNA Local 230 member Gary Wall has brought a Civil

RICO [Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations] lawsuit in Federal Court

[District of Connecticut] naming, among others, Local 230 Business Manager Charles

LeConche & Local 230 counsel Robert Cheverie.

[See Complaint Sheet]

As a direct result of the LeConche v. Manos lawsuit, Wall has also brought a Plaintiff's

Motion for Court Review charging witness tampering against LeConche.

[See Motion]

Wall had won an earlier NLRB decision against Local 230.

[See NLRB Decision]

Also served with a subpoena demanding related material was the IG's chief investigator

on the Manos assault case

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