Labor Voice, July 4, 1997

Steve Manos for

Business Manager,

Blacklist Threatened

On June 25, 1997, exactly one day after Vice-President
Steve Manos announced his Candidacy
for the position of Business Manager of Local 230, a
call came from the floor during the monthly Members'
meeting for Vice-President Manos to be "blacklisted."
Gene Julian spoke in reference to a physical threat
made against him by a Local 230 Labor Steward
in the Spring of 1996 and how the present bosses of
Local 230 did nothing to help him.
Brother Julian also announced himself as a candidate
for office in next year's Local election.


Charges or Lawsuits :

Against Steve Manos -0
Against Local 230 - 2 [ 1 loss]
Against District Council - 1
Against C. T. LeConche

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Racist Remark

Outrages Members

A brief speech given by Brother Horace Daley at the
June 1997 Monthly Meeting was marred by an obnoxious
question from a certain member as to whether
someone else had written Brother Daley's words
Brother Daley and others felt very strongly that this totally
inappropriate remark had racist overtones and that
the notion that a minority person not being able to think
for himself was typical of idiotic backward thinking

Watergate 25th Anniversary

June 1997 marks the 25th anniversary of the Watergate
break-in that finally resulted 2 years later with indictment,
resignations, jail terms, and finally the resignation
of President Nixon in August of 1974.
Nixon is an example of a person at the top who cannot
or will not stop obvious wrongdoing and subsequently

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Next Issue : Local 230 Sued Again !

Daley's Speech

Brother Horace Daley spoke briefly at the June, 1997
Local 230 Members'Meeting in regard to the illegal
picket line at Babbidge Library at UCONN.
"The reason for my actions was that the picket line
was unnecessary.
The line was put up because the Steward lost his job.
To me that is a management problem and this I saw as
a power play between the big wheels.
I felt that this problem should have
been resolved without a line.
I was told that I could look for my own job.
Now that I found work, Management [Local 230 Bosses]
comes in and puts up a line.
Because one person loses his job does management
deem that the whole brotherhood go hungry ? "

Word for Today

Extortion : Forcing by threats & misuse of authority

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Laborers For Justice,

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Your Dues Money at Work

The LM-2 is an annual financial report released by the
Federal Government.
It is available to anyone who calls 203/773-2130 and
asks for the LM-2 report for Local 230 or the
Connecticut Laborers District Council or both.
A copy of the LM-2 report is also available for inspection
by Union members at the Local hiring hall.
Salaries and disbursements as disclosed for 1996 :

Charles LeConche - $159,392
John Pezzenti - $102,023
Butch Granell - $88,626
Attorney Bob Cheverie - $$$???

International Rep Slams V.P.

Laborers' meeting, May 1997. International Rep Ed
Dirissio swore at and threatened Vice-President Steve
Manos. This is the same Rep whose job it is to protect
the rights of members who speak up.

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Say it Ain't so Bob

Bob Cheverie lawyer for Local 230, described himself
as a "Union Lawyer" at our meeting in June, 1997.
1. Is it true that Attorney Cheverie described himself
at a Labor-Management Cooperative Seminar
held at The Hastings Center in Hartford as an
" Industry Lawyer" ?
2. Did Attorney Cheverie also state to the assembled
construction contractors that he never handled a
wrongful-discharge-of-an- employee case in 16 years
of practise and were these statements a form of solicitation
to potential Management clients at the expense
of Local 230 Union members ?
3. Did Attorney Cheverie ever represent a Company
against a Laborers Local ?
4. Were cash payments paid to Laborers by the
company that Attorney Cheverie represented ?
5. Does Attorney Cheverie attend other Local

Laborers For Justice,

P.O. Box 845,

Glastonbury, Ct. 06033

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Inspector General Hotline: 1/800/808-4066

Illegal Picket Line,

Laborers Lose Money

An illegal picket line by the bosses of Local 230 resulted
in the loss of wages for Laborers at the
Babbidge Library at UCONN.
Contractors on the job site lost two days of
productiviy along with the non-union
construction management firm, Charles Klewin Co.
With big jobs going non-union at UCONN and
one of them [UCONN Field House, Konover
Construction] just one block away, this ill-advised
and embarrassing incident by Local 230's bosses
only gives other contractors a distorted
perception of the "liability" of "going union"..
The question can be raised as to the reasoning
[or lack of] for not using an "Informational
Demostration" at the non-union Konover job
which has been in progress for over a year.
Do Local 230's bosses only take on a small
contractor because they know that they can "bully" him ?

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with questions or comments.

Steward Leaves Job,

Members Puzzled

One week after an illegal picket line by the bosses of
Local 230 forced a local contractor to re-hire the
Steward, these same bosses removed the Steward from
the job-site at Babbidge Library at UCONN. This paper
will furnish details at a later date.

More Dues Money at Work

Restaurant Bills for May, 1997 :
Capriccio Restaurant [Local 230 ] - $3,240
Capriccio Restaurant [ District Council ] - $$$???

Did You Know ?

If you retire at 55 years of age
and don't have 30 pension credits,
that you get only
55% of your Pension ?

Do you think that 55 years of age and 25 credits are

enough for full retirement ? Call : 633-4283

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Local 230 News

Racist Remark

Illegal Picket Line

Blacklist Threatened

Your Dues Money at Work

Members Speak

Know about any wrongdoing in Local 230 ?
If you are a Union member & have a problem & need help or advice,
please call Steve Manos - Vice-President - Local at 230 860/659-4266.

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