Labor Voice, New Year 1998


An injunction was filed in federal court on December 3,1997

accusing Local 230 Business Manager Charles LeConche &

his lawyer Robert Cheverie of:

"submitting false affidavits in the furtherance of a RICO


Rico is the federal statute meaning:

Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations.

The hearing will be held in early 1998 in Bridgeport CT. in

front of the Honorable Janet Hall.

Laborers are welcome to attend.

All Alone on the Telephone

Your Vice-President, Steve Manos, attempted to

call your hall on the day after the Executive Board meeting

& ask so-called Secretary-Treasurer John Pezzenti about

certain expenses that you the members, paid for.

When asked about one particular item, Pezzenti said that the

"body" or members had voted for it.

When your VP asked when this non-existent vote took place,

"Gramps" Pezzenti hung up the phone

[or somebody did it for him].

So much for fair & accurate accountability.

Word for the Day


A person who seeks favor by flattering people of influence

& who lives at the expense of others without making

any useful contribution or return

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VP is Bum-Rushed

Returns to Scene of Crime

The Local 230 December Executive Board meeting held at

Capriccio's Restaurant was business as usual.

It was held up for 1/2 of an hour because lawyer &

non-member "Buffalo Bob" Cheverie was late.

Your Vice-President asked questions on your behalf

about how your money is being spent.

As usual, "King Charles" & stonewalled the questions that

your VP asked.

The meeting ended prematurely when one of the stooges

made a motion to adjourn & the other stooges agreed.

[6 to 1 as usual]

Your VP protested, but was ignored.

When your VP & the Inspector General investigator left,

"King Charles" & his merry band had a heck of a Xmas

party [ on your money , of course ].

Were you invited & what was the bill ???

Viva Las Vegas

President & former reform-candidate

"Howdy" Grabowski sustained a minor injury to his nose

when " King Charles V" stopped abruptly while walking

across the lobby of the Las Vegas Hilton.

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Strong-Armed !!!

Dynamic Duo Strikes Again

Last year, Union bosses Butch Granell & 75 year-old

John Pezzenti handed a "letter" to Laborer Dave Blatter

while he was on a job & told him to sign it.

This "letter" was not typed by Dave.

The phony "letter" was typed with your money by a Local 230

secretary & paid for by your hard-earned dues.

After reading the phony " letter", Dave told them that things

were not true in the letter.

The 2 geniuses, who make a combined salary of

$187,000 a year, told Dave to sign it anyway.

The phony "letter" was read out loud by "King Charles V"

LeConche in an unsuccessful attempt to hurt Your VP's


Maybe the Union bosses should pay attention to more serious

matters like getting jobs for you.

Business Manager: Prior Assault

Bridgeport Business Manager Ronald Nobili, who was

attacked last November, in Pomfret CT., was also assaulted

several years before at Local 230's Hartford office.

Nobili was struck on the head by a steel water pitcher when he

question how your money was being spent.

Also present in the room was Arthur Coia who observed

the unprovoked attack on Nobili.

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Too Legit to Quit

North American Laborers' Legal Defense Fund

In 1990, investigators, looking through the rubble of the

looted Heritage Loan & Investment Company, found a

mysterious bankbook in the vault.

The bankbook recorded the fact that a secretive customer

[The North American Laborers' Defense League] kept

$420,000 in a savings account at the Providence Rhode

Island bank owned by convicted embezzler Joe Mollicone.

This was no ordinary account.

It paid no interest, a fact that helped conceal the League's

financial affairs from the government.

And the bankbook contained a name that was well known

in national & local labor circles, "Arthur Coia".

The League was formed in 1989 to defend Union officers

against criminal charges & investigations.

Shortly after that, the league solicited donations

from various sources.

Connecticut Business Managers were pressured for

donations to the league in the early 80's.

John Pezzenti [who is in his 80th decade on earth &

51st year in the Union] was also involved.

Pezzenti visited a high-rise building in downtown

Hartford that had over 50 Laborers.

Pezzenti ordered the Steward to collect $25 from each

Laborer on that job & to turn over the money to him

[continued on the next page]

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[Too Legit to Quit]

Apparently $25 was a bargain.

Boston Laborers claim that their cash donations were

$100 for working Laborers & $50 for non-working Laborers.

Despite the existence of the League, Union funds were still

used to pay lawyer's fees.

In 1986, the President's Commission on Organized Crime

criticized the Union's "extraordinary expenditures",

particularly for criminal defense fees.

Who has received money from the League is a mystery.

Meanwhile, those most familiar with the League

remain silent.

One of the trustees was Monsignor Galliano Cavallaro,

a Catholic Priest.

Monsignor Cavallaro, through his doorman at his

Park Row Residence in downtown Providence,

declined to meet with reporters.

Where is that money now???

Who has it???

What is it being used for???

How much of your hard-earned dues is involved???

If you have any knowledge of "collections" of shakedowns

involving Local 230 Laborers, call Labor Voice at

PO Box 845, Glastonbury, CT 06033,

Tel/Fax 860/633-4283.

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Spy Plot Revealed

Ex-Stew Eye-Balled VP

Steward Manny Lambert, under the instruction of Union

bosses, spied on your VP, Steve Manos, at UCONN's

Babbidge Library last year.

Lambert also involved 2 other Laborers in this plot

by instructing them to observe VP Manos, who crossed the

street to make a phone call.

Lambert caused a work-stoppage by giving his wrist-watch

to the 2 Laborers & then instructing them to "time" Manos's


The next day, Union bosses Granell & Pezzenti showed up

on the job & told Manos's foreman that "Someone is making

calls all over the country" from that job.

[Is this the way you want your agents to spend their day?]

The foreman politely informed them that he would run his job

as he saw fit.

P.S. The phone call that VP Manos made was to Arthur Coia.

Q. What delegate at the Laborers' Convention left the

convention floor & brought back 3 sodas for 5 people???

A. President "Howdy". He bought soda for himself &

Chas & Butch but not for Johnny & the other delegate.

Can you say snub???

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

"Charles V", King of Unoriginal Thought

Steve Manos, your VP, sends Xmas cards ['95,'96,'97]

"King Charles" sends Xmas cards ['96,'97]

Steve Manos pays for his Xmas cards

You pay for the "King's" Xmas cards!!!

Steve Manos send business card/calendar ['96,'97]

"King Charles" sends business card/calendar ['97]

Steve Manos pays for his business cards

You pay for the "King's" business cards!!!

Steve Manos puts out a newsletter

"King Charles" puts out a "newsletter"

Steve Manos pays for his newsletter

You pay for the "King's" "newsletter"

Do as I say, Not As I Do

Our part-time Business Manager claims to help CT.

workers get & keep jobs.

Then why does he use your money to do business with


Worrell, Passanati & Radoccia Insurance, Providence RI

Campana, Sarza & Tatewosian Accountants, Cranston, RI

Viking Auto Rental, RI

Sophisticated Travel, RI

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Coia Office

"Hears No Evil"

Arthur Coia's Office refused to take a phone call from a

Local 230 officer who was trying to voice a complaint

about criminal activity in Local 230.

The switch-board operator told your Vice-President that

"There is no one there to take your call".

Why wouldn't they take his call???

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