Mr. Don Todd

Deputy Assistant Secretary-OLMS

U.S. Department of Labor



Dear Deputy Secretary Todd:


I have been informed by the DOL that my election complaint, as presented in the "PLUMB REPORT," has been denied by you.


Your denial effectively allowsthe following:


(1) union officials may abuse union funds, union resources, and the union newspaper for their own purposes during union elections, at the exclusion of other bona fide candidates; this is a violation of LMRDA.


(2) union officials may deny inspection of the membership list to anyone at any time during union elections; this is a violation of LMRDA.


(3) union officials may disregard "adequate election safeguards," ensuring that the elections are not fair; this is a violation of LMRDA.


(4) union officials may issue death threats against the challengers that would oppose them in union elections, including threats of death against the wives and children of those challengers; this is a violation of LMRDA.


(5) union officials may suborn perjury to cover up the death threats that they previously issued against challengers; this is a crime.


Mr. Todd, it is very clear that you have no intention of enforcing the law through the legal issues I have raised in the "PLUMB REPORT."


I have a request. Please DO NOT issue a Statement of Reasons (SOR) to me or to anyone else in the matter of my complaint.


Your SOR is subsequently used by union officials to defend against Title I lawsuits.


The issuance of your SOR infringes on my Title I right because your SOR is used by the union to dismiss my suit against them before it gets a fair hearing in court.


Mr. Todd, your job is to protect, not limit the rights of the ordinary members. Your job is NOT to protect corrupt union officials.




Wayne Plumb

2002 Candidate at Local 302


ps: Why did you not complete your investigation of the death threats Allan Darr made against my entire family?



c: Mr. Andrew Siff

Mr. David Thompson

Dr. Clyde Summers

Mr. David Clay

Mr. Chris White

Mr. Galen Cook

Mr. Ed Hanson

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