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The unofficial website of Local 302 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).


The purpose of the material on this site is to inform the membership and other interested parties of how Local 302's union bosses have violated the law and have been false to their trust with the union members.


During the past decade, the union leadership has pulled every dirty trick imaginable to maintain their power within the union. But more importantly, local union bosses have violated federal labor law under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA). The LMRDA requires that all union members be guaranteed certain rights and that fair and honest union elections be held. Local 302 members have had neither.


Local 302's bylaws and the constitution of the I.U.O.E. have also been violated. The evidence compiled in the cases below clearly demonstrates how the union bosses have employed service providers to set up election fraud and other illegal acts.


As you read through these cases to learn the truth about Local 302, keep in mind that some union members have been harmed. Ed Hanson was cheated out of a fair and honest election for business manager. Val Albert, a former business manager, was also cheated out of a fair election and was later expelled from the union after 40 years of paying dues.


Today, the business manager is the former union newspaper editor, Allan B. Darr. Mr. Darr never ran for business manager and was never elected by the members to that position. He was appointed by the Executive Board in a desperate effort to cover-up the misdeeds and wrongdoing of the past administration. Mr. Darr is not a legitimate business manager.


Like rats jumping from a sinking ship, numerous former bosses have run for cover to avoid detection from their misdeeds. Former business managers Larry Johnson and Clyde Wilson, and former Corresponding-Financial-Recording Secretary Jack Jakubiec all hastily resigned from their respective offices when evidence began to show of their wrongdoing.


Read the following cases and reports and become informed about the REAL Local 302. Pass along the information to other members. Get involved and take action. Together we can take back our once proud union.


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