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Your union has been hijacked under a very complex scheme that you should know about. Local 302 union officers are NOT legitimate and the explanation below will explain why.

It began in the 1980's under the Frank Polsak Administration. Polsak was the business manager. He had very little in common with the ordinary union members. He had a law degree and had worked with Boeing Aircraft. He was never a member of Local 302 and did not understand the trade. He was hand-picked by Russ Conlon to serve as a puppet business manager.

In 1988, Val Albert, an ordinary member with 40-years as an operator, ran and defeated Polsak. Albert immediately fired the union's attorney Russell J. Reid. Albert also fired Russ Conlon's son, Michael Conlon, who had worked for Polsak as his assistant. This didn't sit well with the older Conlon who vowed a long-standing vendetta against Val Albert and his brother Joe. Conlon told Joe to his face, "I'll get even with you Albert brothers if its the last thing I do!"

Albert had very disloyal employees working for him. Even after he gave them good paying jobs in the union, they turned against Albert, largely because of Russ Conlon and a man named Larry Johnson. Johnson had a thirst for power and Russ Conlon began to groom him for the next business manager. While Val Albert was busy being stabbed in the back by his own employees, Conlon and Johnson began their scheme.

In 1990, General President Frank Hanley summoned Albert to Washington, DC to discuss all of the problems at Local 302. Hanley suggested that Albert hold a special election one year early so that the member's democratic voice could help resolve the problems. This so-called confidence election for Albert turned out to be the start of a unbreakable cycle of corruption at Local 302. Hanley sent one of his own men, Ken Allen, from Washington, DC to run the special election. Allen was seen walking out of the union hall one evening with the membership rolls of the local. Allen was not a member of Local 302, yet he became the Election Chairman -- a violation of the bylaws.

Albert lost the election to Larry Johnson -- an obvious case of election fraud perpetrated against Albert in a conspiracy involving Russ Conlon, Larry Johnson, Frank Hanley and others. The first thing Larry Johnson did was to hire back the fired union attorney, Russell J. Reid. Then, Conlon made sure that his son Michael was taken care of. Today, young Conlon manages hundreds of millions of dollars in your Local 302 Pension Fund.

Election fraud took place over the next decade. The union elections of 1993, 96 and 99 were all staged to appear that you had a say in your union. You didn't and even if you did --- it didn't matter. Everything was fixed.

Larry Johnson's reign of terror lasted seven years. During the 1996 election, Johnson collaborated with Barry Riedesel who got himself hand-selected to become the Election Committee Chairman. After the election, which Riedesel had a hand in staging, Riedesel filed three charges against Albert. The deal he had worked out with Larry Johnson was to get rid of Albert once and for all by expelling him. The plot worked and Albert was expelled on November 1, 1996. Albert filed suit against Johnson and during the investigation got ahold of Riedesel's telephone records, showing Reidesel talked with Larry Johnson at home during the campaign period of 1996. Reidesel also prepared himself for a big paying job as a reward for his dirty tricks with Larry Johnson. Reidesel's Halloween Night "tricks for treats" phone call to Larry Johnson is well documented in the Albert lawsuit.

Since Albert's expulsion trial, Reidesel has been selected to hold the following positions at your union: Vice-President, Editor of the "Loadline", business agent, and Trust Officer on your $2.5 billion Pension Fund. Pretty nice payoff for being dirty.

Larry Johnson mysteriously resigned in April 1997 and Clyde Wilson was selected to become the new business manager. Wilson was President during the Albert expulsion trial and ordered Albert expelled. Wilson was paid off for his dirty deed.

In 1999, brother Ed Hanson ran against the selected Clyde Wilson. Hanson ran a straight-up campaign. Wilson continued the dirty game of election fraud and beat out Hanson in a close election. Wilson couldn't stand himself anymore and resigned in 1999. Allan B. Darr was selected by the Executive Board to serve as business manager in January 2000.


The union attorney, Russell J. Reid, runs the whole show behind the scenes. The union auditor, Dave Clements, is hired to serve as Election Superviser. Clements has been running Local 302's elections for over 30-years. He's a hired gun of Russ Conlon and of Russell J. Reid. Clements stages phoney elections using a combination of fraudulent hand-counting, fraudulent electronic counting and probably a dummy membership list. It's a very complex set of options that are available to Clements and he gets away with it because he has complete control of the election. Well, he almost gets away with it.

In 1999, Ed Hanson, with a little help from his election observers, caught Clements cheating. Clyde Wilson didn't win a fair election. He had to cheat to win and that's why Wilson hired Clements to supervise the election. Ed Hanson really won. But Russ Conlon and Russell J. Reid couldn't allow Hanson to be the business manager because then they would lose control of the union and all of the union's money (especially your $2.5 billion Pension Fund). The puppet Wilson won, but he soon resigned (after only 17 months).

Hanson is still fighting back. He has a huge lawsuit in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to set aside the 1999 election. Legal action is still pending this summer and fall. And Hanson has "smoking gun evidence" against Clements for his participation in the fraudulent scheme to cheat you and all the members out of an honest election process.

Meanwhile, little Allan Darr is parading around as though he is a legitimate business manager. He is not. Allan Darr is a political hack who has no real interest in operating engineers. He enjoys the limelight and has an inflated ego. The "Loadline" is a creation of Allan Darr to get Conlon's "boys" elected. Darr has done a lot of damage to Local 302, using your money.


REVOLT!!!!!!! Insist that the 2002 election is to be run by the U.S. Department of Labor. Do not vote for Allan Darr or any of the incumbents. Attend union meetings and get mad!!! Demand accountability. Refuse to allow Dave Clements to supervise this election. Send your comments to Brother Ed Hanson and thank him for fighting to help clean-up your union and restore it to dignity. edlhanson@yahoo.com

If we all participate, we can take back our union.

Send a letter to the U.S. Department of Labor and ask them to stop the election fraud at Local 302. Their address is:

Mr. Don Todd, Deputy Assistant Secretary
OL-MS/ U.S. Dept. of Labor
Room N-5119; E 781
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20210

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