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Investigation of Reno

Letter from Jack Thompson (via fax) to David Schippers dated Tuesday 24 November 98

John B. Thompson, Attorney

Coral Gables, Florida 33146

November 24, 1998

David Schippers

Majority Counsel,House Judiciary Committee

Washington, D.C. VIA FAX

Re: Bruce Lindsey and Janet Reno

Dear Mr. Schippers:

I was very much impressed by Mr. Tracy and Mr. Wacks, whom you personally dispatched to meet with me here in Miami to talk about the above two individuals. I was just as impressed with your wonderful efforts the other evening at the conclusion of Judge Starr's testimony. I wish you were the I.C.

Having said that, I must confess puzzlement. I was told by Mr. Tracy and Mr. Wacks, after spending 3.5 hours with them, that they could hardly wait to talk to a Mr. John Gigliotti, who has evidence of Janet Reno's compromising ties to organized crime. Mr. Gigliotti, despite a follow-up call to Mr. Tracy yesterday, has yet to be contacted.

If your staff is trying to establish a factual basis for folding fundraising irregularities into the impeachment inquiry, then why are leads not being pursued? Janet Reno will never name an I.C. on fundraising because Clinton has information with which he can extort her on this or any other matter. This "firewall at Justice" has been at the heart of Clinton's impeachable behavior since he took the oath of office.

Further, if you folks are going to interrogate Lindsey next week, then why in the world would my testimony not be taken about his witness tampering over the past decade? Of course what I have to give is hearsay. So what? It clearly falls within an exception: an admission against interest by Sam

Jones. And I have corroborating witnesses to what Sam said about Lindsey's tampering, none of whom has been called, by the way.

I took time to help you all. I was told I did help you all. Now there is some sort of disconnect between what I know you now know and what you are doing with what you know. You are a man who wants to do his job. That is clear. What, then, is going on?

I have the sense that the problem is not on the staff but elsewhere. I have said I will swear to what I know, as to both Reno and Lindsey. PLEASE LET ME DO SO.


Jack Thompson

Hyde's Investigators Looking Into Reno

Jon Perdue Exclusive to 11-22-98

The following appeared on Saturday:

"Hyde Looking for Dirt on Reno INSIDE COVER also learned that two of Hyde's top investigators flew down to Miami last week to snoop on Reno's past. Investigators were particularly interested in Reno's associations with known organized crime figures."

After reading this I contacted Miami attorney Jack Thompson, who has run against Reno in Miami and subsequently provided information on her contacts with organized crime in Miami, among other more tawdry undertakings.

It was David Shippers who called Jack Thompson to set up the meeting in Miami. The investigators went to Miami the next day and debriefed Jack for three and one-half hours about: a) Bruce Lindsey's obstruction of justice and b) Janet Reno's ongoing blackmail problems.

Jack originally gave the story to Chris Ruddy at NewsMax, who is working on the Reno blackmail problem, which, continue to conform to Jack's two year-old public musings about her extortability. This was recently underscored by the Justice Department's pronouncement at the end of last week that she likely will not name an IC on fundraising as to either Gore or Clinton.

Jack Thompson sent the following letter FBI Director Louis Freeh:

John B. Thompson


1172 South Dixie Highway, Suite 111

Coral Gables, Florida 33146

August 13, 1998

The Honorable Louis Free


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Washington, D.C.

VIA FAX to 202-324-4705

Re: Attorney General Janet Reno's Blackmail Problem

Dear Director Freeh:

Monday, August 10, 1998, The Wall Street Journal published my letter responding to a guest column written by Lanny Davis about why Janet Reno should not seek an independent counsel on fund raising. My published words point out that when Lanny Davis called me to "vet" Reno's A.G. nomination, "I gave Davis information, which could be corroborated by multiple sources wholly independent of me, that Reno was unfit to practice law, let alone serve as this country's top cop."

The Wall Street Journal would not have printed these incendiary words if its editors (including Micah Morrision, with whom I have spoken about this) did not already know from their own sources what I know: Reno uses call girls for sex and has a string of drunk driving incidents, which can be

substantiated by following leads provided to the FBI field personnel who not surprisingly did a phony background check while William Sessions was FBI Director. You know full well why Sessions did not want to ruffle this Administration's feathers: job maintenance.

One of the most fruitful of these leads is provided by a Crystal Kazim, who is an organized crime call girl who provided sex for money to Reno on a regular basis. She says so. Private investigator John Gigliotti at [phone number] can convince you that this is the case. Additionally, six police officers who pulled Reno over for drunk driving were never contacted by the FBI. You know as well as I do why thorough background checks are supposed to be done on would-be Cabinet officials: to see if their character is sturdy enough to do the job, undeterred by either a character infirmity or by

extortion and the hands of those willing to expose that infirmity.

Janet Reno, I state to you categorically, hereby putting my law license on the line, has been blackmailed in the past because of her substance abuse and criminal sexual exploits, and she can be blackmailed now by a President who is known to use "dirt" on people to deter them. This explains why she will never appoint an independent counsel to investigating fund-raising irregularities by the President or Vice President.

I respectfully recommend that you should immediately have your FBI agents follow the leads that prove Reno's blackmailability, and you should report your findings to the appropriate Congressional oversight committees. I will state under oath all you need to find the truth. As FBI Director, you have a duty to ferret out this truth.

:copy on 11/22/98: David Schippers, c/o Albert Tracy or Peter Wacks

Further info will be provided as it comes available.

Jon Perdue

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