June, 10, 1996


Att: Gene Methvin


Dear Gene,


Luskin conducted by-out removal operations with almost each and every removed LIUNA official.


1. Coviano and Serpico were allowed to take their pensions and a health and benefit fund package was also arranged. I believe they were paid a portion of future wages.


2. In Buffalo, New York the agents and officers that were removed were paid future wages, I believe around $20,000.00 each. They were also allowed to keep the union cars. They are going to be the subject of future disciplinary hearings but the outcome will not affect their pension participation.


3. The reason that the by-out removal operations are so important are: They avoid any retaliation by the targeted union official against Coia and call into question the witnesses who would have testified against them. The same people have also made remarks about Coia and his LCN involvement.


On September 12, 1995 Los Angeles Times reporter Robert L. Jackson reported that Coia told him that he meets daily with Luskin and Gow. This statement reflects what we already about Coia playing an active role in the cleansing of LCN elements from the international. I feel that under the circumstances and the very fact that Coia himself has been a target that his involvement has led to an air of suspicion.


1. We know that he has expanded the territory of his law firm associate Armand Sabbitoni. His New England region now includes portions of New York state.


2. Armond Sabbitoni is the son of Armond Sabbitoni Sr., a close associate of Arthur Coia Sr., and Raymond Patriacara.


3. Armond Sabitoni is a partner in the Coia and LePore Law firm.


4. Both benefit from the legal defense fund contracts with the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island. The Coia LePore law firm has an exclusive contract with the state and the membership of Laborers Local 271 is required to utilize their firm. Even though Coia claims that his interest is in trust? It is vividly clear that he continues to play an active role in his law firm.


5. Close associates of his like Anthony Triani, Louis Manderini of Boston, Joe Pavone of Waltham Massachusetts, James Merloni who is the President of the Massachusetts Laborers district council and many, many others have not been subjected to investigation. Even when a crony is targeted and questionable business activity has been uncovered, it is passed off as non LCN activity and not supportive of a removal action. The decree clearly states that the removal should also include any illegal activity. We know how difficult it is to link an individual to LCN activity so it is quite important that all investigative resources be implemented.


If Coia, Manderini his cousins Raymond and Ronald were target for the utilization of the legal defense fund, and directing the LIUNA membership to their law firm, to Sophisticated Travel Services (owned by Joan Killburg, her husband Arnold was Patricara's accountant) they would be found guilty of Landrum-Griffin violations. Coia's ownership of the Gateway building in Providence (recently sold) and its leases with Locals 271 and 1033 have additionally placed laborers moneys into Coia's pocket.


Coia's firm used to represent the Massachusetts Laborers Legal Defense Fund and even a Dept. of Labor complaint has not stopped the firm from benefiting from these captive workers. Raymond Coia represented the Coia firm and was cited by the DOL for questionable activity. The firm withdrew its exclusive agreement yet continue even though not as direct. Compensation and injury claimants are directed to utilize the Coia firm.


6. Under the so called of cleansing LCN activity, Coia has availed himself to also consolidate his position by replacing the removed union official with his own lackeys. Such as naming Raymond Pocino as the regional manager of the expanded Delaware valley region which now encompasses most of New Jersey. The FBI has linked Pocino to the LCN.


7. Coia has openly stated that the recent merger of many of the NYC mason tender locals was a major accomplishment of his. In truth it is the result of remarks and recommendations of Michael Chertoff and the Federal trusteeship.


8. In the past Coia has shown how he appoints trustees? Two cases come to mind, Laborers Local 66 on Long Island and its control by the Luchese Family was placed under trusteeship after the leadership was prosecuted and convicted on racketeering charges. Who became the Coia appointed trustee,, Sam Caivano's son David. When Dominic LoPeatro was convicted for misuse of his position at the Hartford Connecticut, He was replaced by Coia pal Anthony Triani.


9. His very remarks about his meeting with Vince Solano and his lack of reporting should also be pointed out. We of course know the truth and this remark was added in an attempt to paint Coia as a victim. Coia's father consulted with Solano on a regular basis and I know that this was not Coia Jr's, first meeting. Jr., and I discussed Vinnie in the past (my 302's) Joe Mazza would meet with Coia as well as me and tell us what Chicago wants and what Coia should do.


10. (CONFIDENTAL) There is no question in my mind that there is a cover up taking place and that Coia is heading up the cleansing team of LIUNA.

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