April 4, 1996


Laborers International Union

Inspector General Douglas Gow


RE: Arthur A. Coia.


Dear Doug,


Around 1990 the Laborers International Union implemented and promoted what was known as union membership privilege programs. Travel, Mastercard, Union savings, Medical prescription, Life Insurance and Legal Services were offered.


Travel Program


The program charged union members an annual participation fee of $29.00 and most New England local unions were told to utilize the Travel Plus Club. This together with the legal fund were Coia Jr's domain.




This was the first program recognized by LIUNA and was established thru the Bank of New York (Delaware). This was the brainchild of Genovese Family controlled locals and Sam Caivano. This program is still in existence.


Union Savings


This program was touted as helping union members earn more with savings accounts, mortgages. At this time my information is limited but I probably could find out more.


Medical Prescription.


Unlike his father, Arthur Coia Jr., did not snub the Gambino family and its controlled locals. Michael Mandaglio (92A-6137) (Mike Medalia) a Capo in the Gambino family who handles all LIUNA activity in greater New York and New Jersey for his family was in part responsible for this program. Mike who lives (or lived) at 11 Via Vitale in Kenilworth, New Jersey was the man that you would see regarding family business. National Pharmacies of Elmwood Park New Jersey was named as the company who would be promoted. I believe John Quarcintino (Riggi's successor) even went along. Two of the largest participating locals were 172 and 472. This program is still in existence.


Life Insurance


I haven't found out that much about this program except that it was promoted by Coia, Caivano to have locals push their members for supplemental life insurance.


Legal Services


This program was started by Coia Jr., who intended to utilize the total LIUNA membership in an effort to extend his law firms activity and resources across the country. The main office was established in New York City and was operated by a lawyer named Bogaki. A Coia associate by the name of Joe Doorley was also involved in policy making. The Genovese, Gambino and Colombo Family's were allowed to place favored attorney's as recipients of the national program. Caivano talked to LCN controlled unions Buffalo, Albany, etc., about selecting favored attorney's for participation. I am quite sure all families would have been consulted. Around 1992-93 when the FBI's investigation of LIUNA surfaced and inter-LCN family arose the program ceased be pushed and changed direction. The granting of existing funds to local unions and district councils on a as need basis to fight any efforts by militants and the fed were commenced. As stated in my previous correspondence the Burlington Mass, and other geographic legal programs were developed and continue today.


Even though these areas may prove to be insufficient in relationship proving LCN-LIUNA inter-play. Coupled with what we already know and a closer look at the rise and misuse of training funds, hiring practices and association with known criminals will prove fruitful.


Possible areas for consideration include:


Coia-New England area


1. LIUNA rep,.Dominic Ruggerio, the son of Patriaccia LCN member Charles Ruggerio.(Coia associate).


2. 226 S. Main St. Providence R.I.


3. Local 609, Phil Ottaviani and the Union House Restaurant.


4. Capaldi Brothers and Coia Real Estate investments.


5. Boston-Mandarini's and Big Dig and the establishment of the demolition local.


6. Transfer of funds between the National Training fund and the New England Training Fund.


7. Peter Purazzela and the Training fund in Medford New York.


8. Joe Pavone Local 560



Ray Pocino and New Jersey


1. Ronald Denedetto, Ercole Diantonio, Joe Gervasi


2. Pocino problems with Frank Sorge of local 502 Orange New Jersey.


3. fights with John Quarcintino,


John Quarcintino


1. Manny Riggi, training site at Mata Wah New Jersey, Antionio Pirone and Woodward Const.


2. Asbestos Local, JohnsMansville shakedown, Costaldo


3. Kimmins Const.


I have a very good source of information in Canada and I can find out about Chicago LCN input with Toronto Ontario, and information regarding Arthur Coia wanting Ugo Rossini replaced by Enrico Mancinelli (connected to Buffalo family). Club LIUNA, General Concrete of Canada, Nello Scipioni, Norman Tussicie of Montreal, Michael Gagario, John Steffinani.

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