Feb. 16, 1996


Douglas Gow


Re: Doreen Masterson


Dear Doug,


Doreen was and may still be employed as a vice president for Fallon Associates ( real estate) located at 70 Atwood Ave. in Providence R.I. In the late eighties she was the sales representative for the sale of properties owned by Barbara Patricia, the wife of Raymond Jr. The 82 Corp., was in reality a property development company financed by Raymond Jr., Arnold Kilberg and Arthur Coia Jr. Coia Jr., Arnold Kilberg Carl and Joseph Kerkorian arranged for the financing. A questionable sale took place in 1988 regarding a development known as Kendall Estates.


Doreen, is the mother of two Patricia children and the messenger for the incarcerated Patricia and the outside world including Coia Jr., and an employer known as Lou who utilizes laborers on demolition projects in Massachusetts. His last name may be something like Panone, I believe?


I believe I can find out much more about the real estate operations and the link to the travel company after I complete my Buffalo testimony.



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