Dec. 30, 1995



Douglas Gow

LIUNA Inspector General


RE: Pagano's


Dear Doug,


I first became involved with the Pagano's in 1971, when I was introduced to Joseph Pagano at the Concord Hotel in Kiamisha Lake New York. Joe invited me to a golf outing but Victor Randaccio told me not to go and stay away from him. Within months of our meeting Joe Pagano was gunned down in New York city.


After being elected as the business manager of 210 in 1973, I was introduced to Mike Pagano who was an assistant to Mike Lorello. According to Lorello Mike Pagano was to be his successor and this disclosure was confirmed by John Riggi at a latter date.


Mike's brother Tony, was the then business manager of local (129?) and both brothers were associates of Gaspar Lupo and the Genovese family. (At that time I was not aware of James Massara.) Tony Pagano died from a heart attack around 1977.


From the 1970's to 1989, a long standing feud has existed between the Pagano's and the Giordiana's (Gambino family)(Local 23) regarding geographic jurisdiction. Because of this there has been a lot of discussion between LCN members, (many I have overheard) and the two LCN families were never able to resolve the differences.


Thru the years I have had numerous conversations with Mike Lorello, Sam Coiavino, Tony Sr., over these differences, the LCN, how we had to answer to the LCN.


I have met with Tony Jr., on a number of occasions from the middle 80's to 1988 (Mostly at conventions). Our conversations dealt mostly with the Lou Giardiana problem, but we did discuss the establishment of a State wide training fund. He asked me if it had been approved by the LCN, why wasn't Lorello acting on it. "I told him he was but you know Mike and his procrastinating."


Immediately after the death of Mike Lorello, I talked with Tony Pogano Sr., about the filling of the vacancy and how the LCN will decide who will fill the position.


When Carl Mastykarz introduced me to Lou Casiciano in the summer of 1988, we not only discussed the all the Pagano's and how they were controlled by the Genovese's, but how they were getting into the hazardous waste business with Jim Massara.


Tony's other son, (I cannot recall the name at this time but I have in my records) started an asbestos removal business and Massara had put up $100,000.00 to fund the company but the younger Pagano was spending the money on clothing instead of the company. Casciano told me to help the fledging company by joint venturing with them on some jobs. I met with the younger Pagano on 3 occasions where we discussed the LCN, how his relatives and the Mason Tenders and Gaspar Lupo will take care of everything.


Around November of 1988, Casciano told me that Gaspar did not want me to help the younger Pagano, and that Jimmy (at that time I did not know his last name was Massara) was going to write him off.


While walking down 42nd street on my way to a meeting with Lou Casciano, l Soussi and Richard Kelly. By accident I bumped into Tony Pagano Sr., near his office. He asked me if I could chat for a couple of minutes at a nearby restaurant. He wondered why I was not staying in touch with his son and what was wrong. I told him that Gaspar told me to stay away for now because of possible federal investigations. He told me that he was going to talk to somebody about that and straighten it out.


In my discussions with John Riggi, we discussed the Pagano's and how they were controlled and in my recorded discussions with Lou Casciano and Carl Mastykarz we talked about all the Pagano’s and how they answer to the Genoveses.


In 1995, upon learning from Manvin Mayell, that the original recordings were either lost or misplaced, I had the Atlantic City RA copy mine and send a set to Mayell. I still have my copies and even though I do not have a transcript, they do cover this topic as well as the Giardinas and New Jersey. They are quite noisy but can be understood.

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