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Organizers Strike Laborers' Union, Claim It Impeded Formation of Bargaining Unit



March 28, 1997, Friday

The Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) is engaged in a labor battle with some of the best in the business: its own organizers.

LIUNA's organizing staff members went on strike last week, charging that the union illegally attempted to thwart their efforts to form a collective bargaining unit.

The standoff created an embarrassing situation for the 350,000-member LIUNA, whose president, Arthur Coia, chairs the AFL-CIO's organizing committee.

The strikers have returned to work, but the union's organizing chief has resigned, its much-praised recruitment program is jeopardized and a complaint was forwarded to the National Labor Relations Board. "We have faith in our organizing department," said LIUNA spokesman David Roscow.

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