Three-Year Term Given In Racketeering Case

Nov. 20, 1979

West Haven construction union official Albert Inorio was given a three-year federal prison term and five years probation Tuesday by U. S. District Judge T.F. Gilroy Daly on three labor racketeering charges.

The 64-year-old business agent for Construction and General Laborers Local 455 had been found guilty by Daly in October of two extortion counts and one charge of conspiring with reputed New Haven mob figure Salvatore Annunziato to embezzling $4,400 of the union's funds.

Following the sentencing this morning, in which Inorio was given concurrent three year sentences on the extorsion charges and a suspended sentence with five yrears probation on the conspiracy count, the union official was released on a $20,000 appeal bond.

Inorio's lawyer Edward Daly has 10 days in which to file his appeal of judge Daly's guilty verdict.

Before the sentencing, Federal Organized Crime Strike Force prosecutor Donald Abrams had characterized Inorio as a "greedy, avariciaous union official who used his union position to steal from hundreds of manual laborers."

While Abrams claimed Inorio used his position to "enrich" himself at the expense of union members," Daly noted that unon members continue to "maintain respect and loyalty" to his client.

Daly said the government's evidence in the case had only concerned the embezzlement of union funds for a Christmas party last year, and there had been no proof of long-term embezzlement activities.

Daly said his client would lose his union position and some pension benefits if the conviction is upheld and asked the judge for leniency because of Inorio's family.

Judge Daly said he had considered all the factors in Inorio's favor, but could not "avoid the seriousness of the crime" and had to impose a prison sentence. In addition to the proson time and the probationary term, Judge Daly ordered that Inorio not hold office or membership in any unio during the time he was under federal custody.

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