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Union Official From Annapolis Accused of Offering Information for $150,000


Associated Press

February 12, 2004



PHILADELPHIA - An Annapolis resident was charged by federal authorities yesterday with bribery and theft of confidential information in his capacity as an official for an 800,000-member union - allegedly offering an eastern Pennsylvania government contractor confidential union information that could have helped win contracts.


The suspect, Gordon Green, was director of a trust fund for the Washington-based Laborers International Union of North America. He is accused of offering the information in exchange for $150,000, said U.S. Attorney Patrick L. Meehan.


The Doylestown-based contractor told officials about the bribe offer soon after it was made in September 2002, and through video and audio surveillance helped the government gather evidence, officials said. Neither the contractor nor his company was identified in court papers.


Green traveled to Doylestown in November 2002 for an $80,000 down payment on the bribe, according to the court filing.


Green's attorney, Steven Wrobel of Baltimore, said he could not comment on the case.



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