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Clinton: the end is nigh

Managing Editor-Gerard Jackson

No. 88, 7-13 September 1998

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman's 20 minute speech to the Senate has sealed Clinton's fate. Lieberman's outspoken denunciation of Clinton's immoral behavior flags a fatal turning point in Clinton's political career because Lieberman is not only the Senate's most left-wing member but of his friendship with Clinton dates back to 1970. There is no doubt that Lieberman's performance had been carefully stage-managed. When he finished addressing the Senate, Democratic Sens Kerry and Moynihan followed, as if on cue, with their own condemnatory, though low-key, speeches.

As delicately as they could, these men were signalling the Clintons that they were abandoning them in favor of saving what they can of the Democratic Party before Clinton's scandals finally scupper it. Why now and not sooner? Is it because they have good reason to believe that Starr's report may contain evidence of criminal malfeasance that stretches from Little Rock to the Oval Room itself? Evidence so damning in weight and so shocking in its details that it is capable of destroying the Democratic Party. While the Clintons' media friends were chasing the phony story of media leaks from Starr's office, they ignored the possibility of leaked information to certain Senators, in both parties. This could be one reason, so it is mooted, why Gingrich publicly declared it would require a well established pattern of offenses to justify impeachment procedures. In other words, these senators know that such a pattern has been established by Starr's investigation. Therefore, having a very good idea of what the report contains, Gingrich could afford to apparently yield to Clinton's bluster, knowing that time was rapidly running out for him.

Having finally been forced to accept that the Clinton scandals are not only every bit as bad as they have been painted, the Democrats are now terrified that there is even more to come - much more. In rumor-driven Washington, the story among some 'insiders' is that the information gathered by Starr could, if it were all made public, rock the very foundations of the Republic, undermining for years public trust in its institutions. Whether it will all be revealed in Starr's report or released to the public in other ways is yet to be determined. That the material is explosive is beyond question. That it will mark this administration as the most venal and corrupt in American history, leaving an indelible stain on the nation's psyche, is now accepted as a grim reality by the likes of Lieberman and Moynihan.

Rather than outline Clinton's shenanigans it is better to provide a fuller picture of some of his activities so that readers will get some idea of what has really unnerved left-wing Democrats like Lieberman and Kerrey.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, was not only Clinton's childhood home it was also the state's center for the 'Dixie Mafia', a prominent member of which was Raymond Clinton, Clinton's step-uncle. This could be treated as an unfortunate coincidence if it were not for the fact that other members of the Clinton clan had mob connection. Still, this would not be a reflection on Clinton himself except that under his governorship mob activities exploded, turning insignificant Mena into one of the world's largest distribution center's for drugs. That Clinton knew what was happening is now beyond genuine dispute. He told L.D. Brown, state trooper and his former bodyguard, that the drug running was not a CIA operation, stating: "That is Lasater's deal".

And who was Lasater? A financial supporter and intimate of Clinton as well as a convicted drug dealer with mob connections. Lasater's influence was such that he visited the governor's mansion at will, while Clinton frequently reciprocated. Lasater's driver, who also entered the mansion, was a convicted murderer, drug dealer and known mob heavy. At this point it will come as no surprise to learn that Clinton's brother, Roger, had convictions for drug running. Moreover, there is sworn testimony that Clinton was using cocaine.

Clinton carried his freewheeling ways with felons and his contempt for the rule of law into the Oval Office, making Craig Livingstone, a felon, chief of White House security. In an unprecedented move against the rule of law he fired of every single U.S. attorney in the country, substituting handpicked people, his people. And all this with barely a murmur of protest from the media. No one can be blamed for thinking this move was intended to shield the Clinton presidency from embarrassing investigations, specially when one considers that some of his strongest union supporters have mob connections. One of Clinton's chief fund raisers was Arthur Coia, president of the Laborers International Union of North America and considered by some to be the most corrupt union in labor history, was under the control of organized crime.

A damning Justice Department 212 page report strongly urged that Coia be removed for racketeering and running the union for organized crime. In what New York called a "weirdly generous deal" Coia was co-opted by the Justice Department to help clean up the union, the same department that condemned him for racketeering and being associated with notorious organized crime figures. What give, one may ask? Two things, and they bother greatly the likes of Lieberman. The first is Janet Reno, a Clinton appointee and a time bomb just ticking away. Reno has the reputation for being an aggressive lesbian who enjoys being serviced by call girls. It seems that a Miami mob figure, Michael Eppinger, found out about Reno's sexual appetite and organized a sex orgy in which she was video taped satisfying her needs. To make it worse, it is believed by some that Clinton has used the tape to 'pressure' Reno into being more cooperative to the point of being held in contempt of Congress.

The above would explain why Reno was appointed attorney general despite the fact that her behavior barred her from ever being a judge. It would also explain why the White House ensured that she was not subjected to the traditional background check. Is it any wonder that Arthur Coia, organized crime figure, Clinton fund raiser and breakfast companion, should have been treated with such extraordinary leniency and consideration by Reno.

When the Liebermans publicly condemn Clinton in the Senate and the Gephardts call for his resignation, then you know the time is nigh. But why, oh why, has it taken so long?

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