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The Clintons' corruption: deeper than you think

Managing Editor-Gerard Jackson

No. 87, 31 Aug. - 6 Sept. 1998

Blackmail is an ugly deed, especially when used to conceal crimes, political wrong doing and abuse of power. Nevertheless, the reek of blackmail coming from the White House and enveloping the Beltway is unmistakable. No one in Washington's public arena privately disputes that Clinton aides copied from the 900 misappropriated FBI files enough damaging material to silence most of their Republican critics.* No wonder George Stephanopoulos could confidently say that the "long-term strategy" of the White House could be "explosive". The idea that blackmail is at the heart of the strategy has been strengthened by rumours that Clinton aides have been holding very private meetings with Barney Frank, Democratic representative from Massachusetts and expert blackmailer.

Frank brought his expertise in to play when he found his career threatened by the scandal of putting Steve Gobie on his payroll. Answering a personal ad in the homosexual Washing Blade, Frank met with Gobie, a male prostitute with convictions for theft, drug trafficking and sodomising a child. They certainly must have hit it off on their first meeting because shortly afterwards Gobie moved into Frank's house, from where he ran a male prostitute business among other things. To cut this squalid tale short, Frank escaped the consequences of his action by threatening to reveal the identities of closet homosexuals. What Frank knows is what some Clinton aides want to combine with the information they stole from the FBI files. They hope this is the information that will give them the "explosive" they need to get their boss off the impeachment hook.

Anyone who thinks the above is far fetched does not know Clinton. This is the man who made Patsy Thomasson - right hand man and chief thug of convicted cocaine dealer Dan Lasater - White House chief of personnel. This appointment did not surprise those who knew of the Clinton/Lasater connection that many believe extends from before Clinton became governor. The connection might also explain the extraordinary expansion of mob activity that occurred after Clinton became governor. It is no big secret that the FBI was concerned about the rise of the 'Arkansas mafia' under Clinton and its drug trafficking operations and prostitution rackets.

That Clinton is a frequent cocaine user is an open secret that the media chooses to ignore, even though his brother, Roger, a convicted dealer,was taped during an anti-drug operation saying: "got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner". That Clinton was linked to cocaine smuggling in the 1980s is already part of sworn testimony. That his association with the drug-trafficking Lasater is connected with the gunning down in 1993 of Clinton's chief of security (the man who knew too much?) in Little Rock is assumed as given by many of that city's good citizens. So bad is the situation that it was immediately assumed that the killers would never be arrested. They never were. How could they be, murmur critics, when one of the first acts of the Clintons was to ask all US Attorneys to resign. An unprecedented and dictatorial act that gave the Clintons control over the prosecutorial machinery of the federal government in every judicial district in the country.

To tighten their grip further they had William Sessions, Director of the FBI, removed. Sessions was noted for his integrity and opposition to political interference in the Bureau's affairs. (No wonder he had to go.) Clinton groupie Louis Freeh was made Director of the FBI. Rumour now has it that FBI agents have withheld sensitive information from Freeh in the belief, rightly or wrongly, that it would be passed on to the White House which is now considered, to put it mildly, a security risk. The irony and added danger for the Clintons is that Freeh now seems to be taking his job seriously. To top it off, they even maneuvered to get Webster Hubbel installed as Attorney General - before he went to jail where he threatened to cooperate with Starr. However, $US700,000 plus in hush money, clumsily disguised as consultancy fees, secured his silence, at least for now.

What is really shocking about all of this is how the media, with a few brave exceptions, literally covered for Clinton, even enthusiastically assassinating the characters of his critics, impugning their motives and smearing their reputations. These media storm troopers subjected the likes of Tripp to the most appalling abuse while constantly vilifying Starr. Nevertheless, Starr, a moral and God fearing man, something else the Clintons' media goons detest, stood his ground. In the near future the Republic will come to realise just how indebted it is to Starr's moral courage and sense of duty.

As for Monica Lewinsky, she was just another of Clinton's playthings, to be used, abused and then cast aside. A vicious pattern of behaviour that his wife countenanced because it gave her access to power, her only passion. What Clinton personally did to Monica was incredibly cruel and debasing. Only someone empty of self-esteem, craving recognition and affection could submit to these sexual demands. Only someone as emotionally desperate as Monica could mistake Clinton's hand clapping as an expression of endearment. And only the corrupt, those without a conscience, that inner voice, would exploit the Monica's of this world.

*Information revealing the indiscretions of Sens Hyde and Burton has since been released to the press with the obvious intention of destroying their credibility.

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