Union Democracy Review
July, 1998
no. 119

Published by the Association for Union Democracy

Insurgent Officer Beaten at LIUNA District Council Meeting

Steve Manos, a Vice President of LIUNA Local 230, the largest in the Connecticut District Council, recently announced his intention to run for president of the DC. His opponent Charles LaCanche, succeeded Dominick Lopreato as both business manager of Local 230 and head of the DC after Lopreato went to jail in 1995 for taking bribes from employers. Manos knew he was in for a tough fight, but he never expected to be physically beaten at a District Council meeting.

He charges that LaCanche, angered by a newsletter Manos publishes, grabbed him by the throat, threw him to the floor, and then ordered the sergeant at arms to toss him out of in the street, while international vice president Vere Haynes, and an attorney looked on.

Bruised but not seriously injured, Manos left the hospital, filed a police report, and returned home where he was met by an agent of the LIUNA Inspector General's office who, by coincidence, had been interviewing a neighbor

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